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Cameroon Property & Investment Company Ltd. is a privately owned company with a registered office in Buea, South-West region of Cameroon. CPIC is incorporated as a limited company. The owners have  sound experience in land and home sales, and property development in Cameroon. Recognising the importance of honesty, reliability and trustworthiness in property business , we started our own company with a mission to helping customers acquire their dream home in Cameroon with no stress, no hassle and complete peace of mind. 

Since  founded in 2009,  we have grown from strength to strength and have procured in excess of  800 million frscfa worth of residential and commercial property projects. Currently we are actively working in  Buea, Limbe, Tiko, Kumba and Douala. We have built a formidable reputation as a market leader in luxury and prestigious residential and commercial property business, with a commitment to being the best in everything we do.

Our Vision
Cameroon Property & Investment Company Ltd. vision is to establish itself as a trusted, reliable and reputable company that enables people to acquire their desired type of home in Cameroon with no hassle, no stress and complete peace of mind.

Our Clients
Our clients are mainly Cameroonians living in the Diaspora. Some of them turned to us following  bad experiences they had with family members and friends. With us, they beat the risk as we helped them own their dream home in Cameroon with no stress, no hassle and complete peace of mind. 

Simply the Best
We are the only company in Cameroon that specialises on the provision of luxury and prestigious homes. Your home will stand out as unique - we simply incorporate modern architecture and traditional craft into every client's dream. Our commitment and dedication shines through everything we do. Every home we've built is known for its quality finishing, its abundance of custom surrounding features and its uniqueness. 

Value for Money
The value that is built into every home CPIC builds is incomparable. You will be awestruck by the beauty of your home and all the unique architectural designs that you would expect to find in any modern home. 

As you walk inside a home built by CPIC, you will notice the arched windows, the built-in media niches, the gourmet state-of-the-art kitchen, the split-level or tri-level design with included elevators, the spacious sitting and sleeping rooms, waxed interior fittings and furnishing etc. These are all trade marks of homes built by CPIC. At CPIC, we believe in the importance of family life and are constantly finding new ways to enhance it.We realize your new home will be a reflection of your family's personality and values, so it's with a sense of commitment, honor and pride that we build every home we are contracted to build. 

Energy Efficient Homes
CPIC is focused on building energy efficient homes with sustainable materials and features that matter to you and your family. By contracting us to build your home, you are also demonstrating a commitment to excellence and respect for the environment. These are the features you would find in some of the houses we have been contracted to build.

Vanyl-framed, dual-paned, low windows and sliding glass doors
R-30 insulation in ceilings
Fully insulated fiberglass front door
14 S.E.E.R. HVAC
Programmable Airconditioning system
Energy-efficient radiant-barrier roof sheathing
Water-conserving Moen faucets and showerheads
ENERGY STAR® appliances

Home Financing
CPIC is committed to helping Cameroonians in the Diaspora acquire their dream home in Cameroon with no stress, no hassle and complete peace of mind. As such, we are currently discussing with some financial institutions in Cameroon to offer good terms and low interest rate mortgages and home improvement loans to Cameroonians living in the Diaspora. We have agreement, in principle ,with Basic Savings and Investment Company Plc (BaSIC Plc), a Diaspora initiative micro finance institution which has its head office in Limbe to provide home loans to Cameroonians living in the Diaspora who meet their loan conditions. For more information, please visit BaSIC Plc. website at: www.basicplc.com
Our Specialty
We specialise in:

Building Contractors
Land and Home Sales
Architecture & Designing 
Home Maintenance - Refurbishing
Property Letting & Leasing
Property Management

    For more information, contact us on: contact@cameroonpropertyagent.com

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