Anyone can participate in our Diaspora Property Investment Co-operative Project (DPICP)   

How it works

CPIC provides opportunity for Cameroonians in the Diaspora to acquire property in Cameroon with minimal investment, starting with as little as 250,000 frscfa ( i.e. about € 382 or $US 419 ). We use a Co-operative business model that enables people to combine resources and invest in property to pursue their economic aspirations. For example, you can combine with others to buy a land in Buea, Limbe, Douala, Yaounde etc. and build an apartment block, student hostel, residential home units etc., sell or rent the properties and share or reinvest the profit. You can also combine with others to acquire large scale of land in a new layout city or town suburb, develop the land  into unit plots, acquire the land certificates, sell the unit plots at a higher premium and share or reinvest the profit.This is how it works:

Investment Process:

1. To participate in CPIC Affordable Property Investment Project, you will need to
    register (free of charge) to become a member of CPIC Diaspora Property Investment 
    Co-operative Project. Registration can be done by completing an online membership form.

2. You automatically become part of our common interest group after your
    registration has been approved. This means you can combine resources with other
    members to invest in a property in Cameroon with minimal investment
    and share profit derived from the property. 

3. When our next project is ready to launch, we send all our members (including you)
    an invitation to invest in it. Members will receive a full investment memorandum
    explaining everything they need to know to enable them make an informed
    decision. Note: investment will start from as little as 250,000frscfa.

4. Once you have decided to invest, we sign an agreement, you transfer funds to our
    special DPICP members account by a stated deadline. Your money is held in the
    special DPICP account until the property purchase and development is completed.

What happens after you make the investment:

1. Once the purchase is completed, the property is transferred to CPIC to develop,
    refurbish or manage it on behalf of all the members. 

2. We do all necessary work including development of the property,  refurbishment,
    letting, listing the property on CPIC website etc. We will keep you informed on the
    development progress of the property at all times. Every information about the
    property will be listed on our website.

3. We maintain a contingency fund to cover any void periods,maintenance, repairs or
    other costs out of our share of the rental income and/or the contingency fund so
    you will never be asked to contribute any more money.

4. You receive annual  dividends from the profit we make by letting the property, and
    at any time a decision is made to sell the property, you receive your capital and any profit
    due. It is our intention to keep properties for about 5 years depending on the
    market. However,  if you wish to recoup your capital investment before we sell the
    property you can sell your interest to another investor at any time or follow the
    procedure which will be detailed in the legal pack to recover your capital via DPICP.

We operate legally in Cameroon as a private limited company with Business Registration Identification No. 13/PULC/51, Tax ref No. M011300045915T and CNPS contribution No. 62266

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