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You can invest in property via CPIC Diaspora Property Investment Co-operative project in just a few simple steps, and become a shareholder in a property purchased at well below market value that will produce a great return whether it is renovated or developed and sold or rented out for the long term.

Step 1

Read our Terms and then complete our member application form below to join our Investors Group.

Step 2

We will send you the full investment memorandum about our current deal together with a share application form. All relevant information about CPIC Diaspora Property Investment Co-operative, the specific property, the shareholding, the returns payable and the anticipated profit will be contained in the memorandum.

Step 3

If you wish to proceed, you sign and return the share application form and transfer the appropriate payment directly to our dedicated CPIC Diaspora Property Investment Co-operative member account.

It’s that simple. We take over from there and do everything else.

We will send you notice when the property has been purchased and you will be given access to our online property management system so you can see all relevant information about the property whenever you like. Some properties will be listed to sell quickly, most will be held for a few years. Your investment is secured in the property through your shareholding. You will receive your fixed return annually until we sell the property.

When we sell the property, the profits are divided pro rata… it’s all about investing together and sharing together.

Member Application Form

By completing and submitting this form you will become part of the Investors Group for investors who wish to invest in one of the next investment properties we find. Once we receive your membership form, you will receive specific property investment information, but there is no obligation upon you to invest in any property.

We operate legally in Cameroon as a private limited company with Business Registration Identification No. 13/PULC/51, Tax ref No. M011300045915T and CNPS contribution No. 62266

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