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CPIC partners with WISY,  a leading German company in rainwater harvesting technology, to provide rainwater harvesting systems in Cameroon.  Our system ensures relaible supply of water in homes, and reduces water bills by up to 80%.Contact us today for more information.

Project Specific Design
This website gives a general overview of the technology of rainwater harvesting. We do provide a range of sizes and designs to meet individual project criteria. Our specialised team will discuss each detail of the system and design units to suit required specifications. Design takes in amount of rainfall, size and type of roof, the number of users and storage retention requirements. Contact us today for more info.
No more dry taps, no more smelling toilets, no more water bills.  CPIC partners with a German company to install rainwater harvesting systems in Cameroon homes.
The CPIC Rainwater Harvesting system collects rainwater from the roof of a house. The water is filtered by Wisy rainwater filter installed in downspouts/downpipes and/or Wisy vortex fine filter installed in horizontal rainwater pipes below the ground, before being discharged into Wisy underground compression resistant storage tank.   The Wisy rainwater plant which is usually installed in the basement of a house and fitted with water pump feeds rainwater from the storage tank into the rainwater distribution network  e.g. toilets, shower, washing machine, garden etc.

How the system works
Wisy vortex filter releases filtered rainwater into Wisy storage tank, which are of different sizes depending on how big is the project.
Rainwater from the roof of a house is directed to flow  through the gutters into a self-cleaning vortex filter. The water is filtered to remove all debris before being discharge into a storage tank buried in the ground.  Our filters are of various sizes and different capacities to support  even very big projects.
Wisy rainwater plant feeds water into the rainwater network in the building.
CPIC CEO & Wisy Director in Wisy office in Hitzkirchen, Germany, 10th Sept. 2013.
Wisy Executive and CPIC CEO in a Wisy rainwater plant in Germany
CPIC CEO and Wisy Director examining Wisy rainwater filter
Wisy filters and rainwater storage tanks are buried underground.
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Benefits and Applications of Rainwater:

Irrespective of it's applications, the benefits of rainwater harvesting can never be over stated.  It has huge economicenvironmentalhealth and social benefits.

On economic benefits, it can significantly reduce water bills for households and businesses. It can also improve the business climate of a constituency, and can attract investment as some businesses require uninterrupted and cheap supply of water to operate effectively. 

On environmental benefits, catching of rainwater that falls on our roofs and recycling it for domestic use can reduce the amount of run-off on our streets and flood that usually cause damages to the environment. Also, energy and chemicals are used to give us drinking water which has to be financed. Using this same water for flushing toilets is wastage.

On social benefits, using rainwater to flush our toilets, to shower, to wash our cloth, to clean our environment etc.  will relieve the pressure currently faced by the main water supply system (Camwater), as population increases,  and this will ensure regular supply of both portable and rainwater in homes, businesses and institutions. 

On health benefits, regular supply of water will improve sanitation - no smelling toilets and will reduce the spread of diseases.     

1. Rainwater Harvesting System for Domestic use:
We use water every day for bathing, cooking, cleaning and most importantly drinking. Figures show that in general the amount of water used by any one person is approximately 150 litres. CPIC Rainwater Harvesting System for domestic applications comprises of:

One 9 cubic metre precast concrete or plastic tank complete with lid and access manhole.
One  Vortex Filter
One Calmed Inlet
One Overflow Siphon
One Ball Float, Pump and Mains Top Up

It is installed by our qualified installation team and can be completed within four days i.e. from excavation, connection of pipes and finishing.
We can supply systems to meet all project requirements. Contact us today for further information and quotation.

2. Rainwater Harvesting System for Commercial use
The cost of water can be significantly high on industries, businesses and institutions. Interruption of water supply can also cause significant losses.

Now there is an alternative source of water available, rainwater. CPIC rainwater harvesting installations for industry, businesses and institutions vary depending on a number of factors: Tanks vary in sizes depending on population and industry requirements; filters vary in sizes, capacity and numbers depending on the roof size etc.

We can give specific project advice and quotes on basis of each project's requirements. Contact us today for further information and quotation.

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